About LMG

We are a full-service Chinese digital marketing agency that also operates Melbourne’s largest WeChat and Weibo channels, WeLife, with more than 350,000 followers from the local Chinese community

Within 6 years of establishing, we gained over 350,000 followers with creative, appealing and authoritative content sent out to our audience daily


China's No.1 superpower app, 1 billion daily active users, 2.5 million Australia users.


The "Chinese Twitter". Much loved by young people who like to follow celebrities and keep up with the latest trends.


LMG operates 51oz.com and WeLife.com.au with daily news updates.


Apart from the digital platforms, LMG can also assist with out-of-home advertising such as billboards and tourist bus ads.

Offline Event

LMG's WeClub has four WeChat personal accounts with close to 20,000 members. We regularly organise events and help with venue ticket sales.

What We Do

  • Over the past 6 years, LMG has helped more than 300 clients with their China digital marketing. Our extensive experience means we understand what Chinese consumers need and want, and we understand your industry. Whether you are in retail, tourism, telecommunications, education, banking and finance, we can help you identify problems and provide strategies and services that you need the most.
  • We go beyond your expectations by setting out a comprehensive media plan to market your product to the right audience. Our aim is to help you develop and strengthen the digital relationship between you and your Chinese consumers. We are there for your every step of the way from strategy development, execution and analysis to complete this cycle and give you the most efficient China marketing experience.
  • Consultation: We are Chinese social media experts and can provide in-person consultation to introduce you to WeChat and Weibo marketing
  • Strategy: We develop customised social media strategies and campaign plans to engage your target consumers and help achieve your goal
  • Copywriting: Our experienced editorial and copywriting team gets your message across to the right audience, in the right tone

  • WeChat Account Registration and Management: We help Australian businesses set up WeChat Service Accounts, without having to go though a third-party. We also provide ongoing account management services to create regular content for your long-term WeChat presence.
  • LMG has an in-house editorial team to create original and appealing content, tailored to the viewing preference of your target audience.
  • LMG provides media buying services on 30 digital channels in Australia to reach the Chinese communities Australia-wide.
  • We go step-by-step from ideation, planning, to campaign execution and reports to ensure that you can efficiently reach your potential customers.
  • LMG runs WeClub, an offline membership club with more than 15,000 followers in Melbourne. We help organise offline events and public relations activities with high attendance and engagement.

Work Progress



We will sit down with the client to create a brief with details about the campaign goals, product features and we will recommend platforms that are best suited to the clients’ needs. Our experienced media planner will gather your requirements at the first meeting. Whether you are in retail, tourism, telco, entertainment, fashion, education, FMCG, or banking & finance, we have domain expert that can understand in your way.

Creative Content

LMG’s social media experts help establish your business objectives and identify your target audience, create engaging and shareable content which leads to UGC (User-generated content) and finally link up your social media marketing with all other aspects of your online presence. The results are reflected in the number of reposts, comments, likes and views. Again, because we own social media channels and communicate with hundreds of thousands of followers, we know exactly what content lead to best results for different clients. We deliver the content with passion, relevance, and understanding of the customer.

Connect, Communicate & Convert

Through our various digital and social media channels, we can help the client reach their desired audience, increase their brand awareness and generate sales conversions. All components of the campaign are planned together and form part of a coherent execution strategy that stays true to the original customer insight(s) and business objectives. We have integrated our media platforms to make full use of each communication channel to connect, communicate and attract users to become loyal customers of your brands. Our campaign strategies are completely focused on meeting the needs of our clients and their market conditions to achieve maximum ROI.

Report – Happy Client

We pursue relationships based on transparency, persistence, mutual trust and integrity with our employees, clients, and business partners. Our digital marketing work speaks for itself. We deliver personal, passionate and tailored service to each and every one of our clients, big or small. A lot of our clients become close friends of us, and even business partners. We are here to help you unlock the Chinese market in Australia and even mainland China. 150 Happy clients, hundreds of successful campaigns, 20 industries, and more than 300,000 followers.


WeChat campaigns for 11.11.2018, Alibaba e-Commerce Expo, pop-up store and Chinese New Year

Headline article on WeLife for 11.11, with more than 14,000 click-throughs.

Headline article on MelFun for 11.11, with more than 6000 click-throughs.

In total attracted more than 50,000 WeChat article click-throughs for Alibaba’s campaigns

WeChat headline articles for DiDi’s launch in Australia
(more than 14,000 click-throughs)
(more than 12,000 click-throughs)

12-month WeChat campaign for CBRE Melbourne

LMG writes and publishes 2-4 WeChat posts each month

Average article click-throughs are 5,000 for each post, with highest being more than 9,000

WeChat content combines latest news and trends in commercial real estate with CBRE properties. (more than 9,000 click-throughs)

Regular WeChat campaigns to promote residential real estate projects

WeChat article example

WeChat Service Account set-up and management

Gained more than 300 followers for Zagame’s WeChat account

Create and publish regular WeChat content and media buying on influencer channels

WeChat headline posts on WeLife

Article examples (more than 14,000 article click-throughs)

WeChat headline article about Nu-Lax’s new factory opening event on WeLife (more than 15,000 article click-throughs)

Review article of Nu-Lax’s probiotic fibre on MelFun (more than 5,000 article click-throughs and more than 20 comments)

Australia-wide WeChat media buying campaign

Introduced the long-loved French baby skincare brand to the WeChat audience

Successfully attracted a substantial number of people to Mustela’s Melbourne pop-up store

WeChat review article of PureCotton products (published in MelFun’s headline position) (more than 4,000 article click-throughs and 15 comments)

WeChat articles about PureCotton promotions in partnership with Alibaba Double 11

Australia-wide WeChat campaigns, both digital and offline

Content creation by LMG’s editorial team:

published on MelFun

published on WeLife

Melbourne-wide WeChat campaign for the launch of the new Box Hill store

Content creation by LMG (more than 6,000 article click-throughs)

MelFun WeChat promotion with free meal giveaways for readers (more than 4,000 click-throughs and 50 comments)


Leo Lian

Managing Director

Meena Ke

Sales & Marketing Director

Anna Chen

Editor In Chief

Sunny Liu

Business Development Manager

Cassie Zhang

Senior Account Manager

Hera Xu

WeClub Event Coordinator

Chelsea Zhao

WeClub Manager

Jenny Chan

Senior Copywriter

Zhizhi Li

WeChat Operation Manager

Whitney Deng

MelFun Operations Manager



Melbourne Office: Level 2, 253 Lonsdale Street Melbourne VIC 3000

Beijing Office: Suite 401, 34 XiDaWang Road, ChaoYang, Beijing CHINA

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