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With 2018 coming to an end, LMG’s editorial team looks back and reflects on some of the most viewed news content the team has created throughout this fruitful year.

For LMG’s own WeChat official channels, WeLife, high-quality content is the key to its continuous success. We wouldn’t have been able to build our 185,000 followers on the WeChat channel in 5 years without the timely, topical and appealing content our team creates daily.

According to, WeLife was ranked the Number.1 WeChat official channel in Melbourne in 2018, with the highest number of views and followers. We take great pride in this achievement and here we list some of the best WeChat news content that has helped us get this accomplishment.

  1. 720,000RMB worth of fake cosmetic products found in Hong Kong. Shocking new trading method revealed


Content relevant to the Daigou community always attracts a lot of views, as WeLife has a large number of Daigou followers. Therefore, news about fake cosmetic and luxury products in Hong Kong was a bombshell to our readers. A lot of Chinese consumers go to Hong Kong to buy cosmestic and fashion products, and Hong Kong has always been hailed as the paradise for shopping. But this news contradicts the belief.

The team was quick to receive the information when it first broke out in the news in mainland China, and they efficiently put all the information together, wrote the article in the style that resonates with the consumers and also offered helpful tips for consumers to check the authenticity of products.

With more than 140,700 views and more than 171,500 shares, this article is the most viewed news article we wrote in 2018. It’s record-breaking feature was that it represents the voice of many of our audience, who are consumers and Daigous.

  1. During a terrorist attack, this 15yo Chinese boy shielded others with his body. Today, he will be buried with the national flag


This story is about a teenage Chinese American boy who was killed while trying to protect others during a terrorist attack in the United States. Even though this did not take place in Australia, it remains its relevance to the Australian Chinese community because the hero of this story is a Chinese boy and many people were also worried about terrorist attacked in Australia.

An emotional story like this one surely can spark people’s compassion and patriotism. As a result, this article was shared more than 27,300 times on WeChat and received almost 600,000 views and 600 likes.

  1. Blood clots dissolved in just a few minutes! Melbourne Chinese female doctor’s ground-breaking discovery